Chili Sauce Spicy Kikkoman For Kimchi 1lt

Add a little spice to your dishes with Kikkoman Kimchi Spicy Chili Sauce! Kimchi is a traditional Korean spice or fermented dish consisting of pickled vegetables. Koreans typically eat kimchi with every meal. Nowadays, Kimchi is very well known internationally and has gained a reputation as a superfood.The combination of garlic, ginger, chili peppers, salt and fish sauce creates an especially flavorful taste in Kimchi or the recipe of your choice! Our Kikkoman Kimchi Spicy Chili Sauce tastes amazing in pretty much everything — from rice to fritters, pancakes, in a stew, with eggs or noodles. For a classic Kimchi experience simply add 150 grams of Kikkoman Kimchi Spicy Chili Sauce to 1 kg vegetables.  You can even spice up your salad dressing, condiments or dips by stirring it into mayo or sour cream. Spicy versatility at its best!